In North America, the graying of the
baby-boom population is already well underway. Since 2011, Boomers have been turning 65 at a staggering pace.

Growing this age segment of your customers is a smart business move. Boomers are overwhelming financially sound and loyal once you’ve got their attention.


Here a few helpful pointers...


CREATE DESIRE AND INSPIRE THEM - Boomers have no  desire to slow down and ‘retire’.  They have the zest for life and financial means

to try new things and create wonderful new meaningful experiences. If your business can  provide a new experience or free up their time for more social pursuits, then that is how you promote yourselves to this busy group. Can your business improve their life? If so, tell them how.


CUSTOMER SERVICE COUNTS – the quality of customer service you deliver goes a long way in determining the success of your business with this age group.  Great customer service can  encourage repeat business and even grow your clientelle through word of mouth referrals from

happy customers. This is even more true with older consumers who value and trust referrals from friends. Boomers can become advocates for your business if they've had a positive experience with your company. They enjoy being pampered so pull out all the stops.


CONTENT AND CONSIDERED DECISIONS – Boomers and savvy consumers, are not impressed by flash, there needs to be substance. Purchase decisions are not rushed and instead are carefully considered and based on quantitative information. Make sure your communication about your products and services have enough content to tip the scales in your favour.


Most businesses are ignoring Boomers and doing so at their own loss. There-in lies your opportunity to connect with one of the most wealthy and powerful groups in society. Make the right impression; ‘Wow’ them to your business in 2014.  Zoomer Marketing can help.  Find out more at


Elisa Wilson Prashad is the

Senior Marketing Strategist

for Zoomer Marketing Inc.

Learn ‘How to Wow! - Tips to entice Boomers to your business this year.

Each year, more Baby Boomers are becoming Seniors than ever before. What are your plans to tap into this huge age wave of affluent Seniors to attract them to your business? How will you ‘Wow!’ them?

By Elisa Wilson Prashad, Senior Marketing Strategist of Toronto-based Zoomer Marketing Inc.


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