What we all know is that Baby Boomers have ‘stuff’.

They have accumulated decades of it, and in many areas of their life.  Plus, they have the financial means to buy whatever they want. This can make it difficult to give the right gift or to entice them to purchase from you.


What we also know about Baby Boomer is that they have a perspective that is quite unique. What was important to them 10 years ago may not still be, based on their shifting priorities in this stage of life. It goes without saying that Boomer men and women will desire different material gifts, however the idea and motivation behind them remains constant.


1. ONE OF A KIND GIFTS – Your Boomer is a truly one-of-a-kind.  A gift should reflect who they are and celebrate this individuality. Try a handmade gift from an online site such as Etsy or purchased from a local artisan.   Select a gift in their favourite colour or have it personalized with their name. This will connect with them in a meaningful way.


2. THE GIFT OF TIME – Calling all professional organizers, maid services, and meal delivery services.  These mid-life Boomers would rather be socializing with friends then attending to the mundane task of routine chores, daily meal preparation and housework. This holiday season is a great opportunity to sell your services to family members and friends looking for a useful and practical Boomer gift.



3. SUPPORT NEW HOBBIES - At this time in their life, Boomers are winding down careers, have raised (and hopefully launched) children into independent adulthood and now are enjoying personal freedom to pursue their life’s passions. They can ‘re-invent themselves’ or just become more of who they really are. Boomers now have ample time to learn and grow new skills. For a beer lover, try a home brewing kit to learn how to brew their own beer from home or a new digital camera to encourage an amateur photographer.  Find out what your Boomer enjoys and acknowledge it with a gift to support and grow their new interest.


4. GIVE AN ‘EXPERIENCE’ - Sometimes a material item isn’t the best gift.  Boomers generally love adventure and new experiences. Tickets for two to a great show, a dinner at a unique eatery, a horseback riding class, a motorcycle rental for an afternoon ride. Give a experience that they can share with friends and it will be something they remember for years.


5. SUPPORTING THEIR CAUSE – Philanthropy and giving back is important to Boomers, especially at this time of year. Boomers appreciate that they have had so much, and know others have not.  Finding out what causes your Boomer supports and making a donation on their behalf is a very touching and authentic way to celebrate the holidays.


6. FEEL GOOD GIFTS - Boomers are very concerned about their health and recognize

the importance of maintaining wellness in their life. A spa gift certificate, cosmetics and body care that cater to older adults are good choices for men and women alike.


7. INDULGENCES BIG AND SMALL - Boomers know and appreciate the best – a new luxury car, Rolex watch or on a more modest budget, a cashmere sweater, gourmet chocolates or rare single malt Scotch whisky. The key is quality so buy the best you can afford.


8. TECHNOLOGY – A great gift idea for Boomers is a new device. This is often an area where they lag behind younger more wired generations. E-readers like the new Kindle 6” where they can download free books from the library or even a new digital camera. Grandchildren can be utilized for technical support and can help teach them how to use them.


9. A MAKE-OVER – Along with the pursuit of new hobbies and passions, looking good and feeling confident are important to Boomers.  The holiday season is a good time to tactfully guide a Boomer into trying a new wardrobe, hairstyle or fitness program. The focus is about being the best they can be. A consultation with a wardrobe stylist, new hair and make-up tips by beauty and fashion professionals can keep your Boomer’s style looking current without losing their signature individuality.


Is your business ‘Boomer-friendly’ and will it attract them this holiday season?  Zoomer Marketing are senior marketing experts.  They understand how to help businesses put their best foot forward to entice and retain Boomer customers. To find out more about Zoomer Marketing and to make the most of this busy selling season, visit their website at www.zoomermarketing.com


Elisa Wilson Prashad is the

Senior Marketing Strategist

for Zoomer Marketing Inc.

What do Boomers want for Christmas?

How will you get Baby Boomers to buy from your business this holiday season? Or, if you have a Boomer in your life, what meaningful gift can you give them that will truly be appreciated?


By Elisa Wilson Prashad, Senior Marketing Strategist of Toronto-based Zoomer Marketing Inc.

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